Lego WeDo + free Scratch program

First time we saw WeDo it was during the robotics classes. Actually, Mikołaj saw, because I could only hear his story about classes. It was natural I started at once to plan a set purchase but its price knocked me out. Infact, for a little more money you can buy Mindstorms, which overwhelm WeDo opportunities. For a while I gave up buying, but when Christmas was coming I have started looking about Lego WeDo again. Finally I discovered that the USB hub, can be operated by a free program called Scratch, which much reduces price. 9580 set includes a motor M and many items that we already have in our collection.

Finally, St. Claus gave us, USB hub, distance sensor and tilt sensor.We started playing on the Christmas Eve.

After connecting the USB hub, the system automatically recognizes the device. To enjoy WeDo with scratch you must install the appropriate

Scratch is a programming language designed for children from the age of 8. Young programmers can easily create animated stories with sound or simple games. Loops, conditionals and variables are there in the program as a puzzle. After adding the extension Lego WeDo you have additional pieces of the puzzle to handle Lego. You can switch on the motor for a limited time, change the direction of rotation and adjust power. In addition, you can control motor in relation to the sensor. Installation details and Lego WeDo basic functions we present in the video below. The coolest thing is that you can see the effects of your work outside the screen.

Your machines are alive. "Hello World" goes out with the window.