Ninja Training Outpost 2516

Ninjago with sword

I'm not a fan of Ninjago. Unlike my son. He, and his friends from kindergarten, love this series of Lego. So, we bought a small set on the Internet auction. Our first Ninja is black. In his training outpost has all kinds of weapons - a sword, a spear, daggers, a bow, etc.

Tank Truck 3180

Lego Tank Truck 3180

When I was a boy everything related to the fuel in Lego was marked by Shell. I had even minifig with their logo. Later, the colours have changed to red and green and so it is today. We have this set for two years but just before the exhibition, we found all blocks to rebuild it.

Crawler Crane 9391

Lego Crawler Crane 9391

I admit, I advised grandmother to buy for Christmas this set for Mikolaj. I have some plans for this but more about that soon. 9391 crawler crane is more complex than the truck which we recently built.

Truck 8065

Truck Lego Technic 8065

After Christmas. Weather doesn't look to go outside, so we're playing christmas gifts. Under the Christmas tree Lego Technic rules this year. First, we made truck 8065 that we can load and unload the cargo by the knob located on the cab.

Lego Power Functions

Lego Power Functions 8293

And here it is, at the end of Santa Claus gift's madness - my toy - the set 8293. In the box from Santa I found motor, battery box, pole switch, lights and a few blocks to assist in the transferring rotary power and transmission gears.

Space station 3368

Lego space station 3368

It's time to describe the Mikołaj's gift - Space Station 3368. It's probably the biggest Lego set we have. Mikołaj built it himself. It took him four hours but he did it. I only helped him with the elevator installation. Set includes four figures - two astronauts and two operation people.

Stephanie's Kitchen 3930

Stephanie's small kitchen

And the another friend is Stephanie from the set 3930 - tall blonde. She loves baking and cooking. What I especially like is how the stove and the sink is built with the standard blocks. There are also some furnitures: table with an umbrella, a chair, a carton of milk and cakes.

Emma's swimming pool 3931

Emma in the swimming pool

At the beginning we present Alicja's gift - Emma and her pool (set 3931). We also have Stephanie and her kitchen , but more on that later. This is our first set of the Friends series. Unfortunately friends are slightly larger than the standard figures.

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