Own creations

After exhibition ...

Lego City

After six months our blocks returned home. We combined with all constructions a great town. The dining room temporarily transformed into a playing room. Soon we will present images of buildings which I could not photograph in July. Meanwhile, a few looks on the whole.

Pink box

Lego towers

Pink box with number 4625 that Alicja found under the Christmas tree, frees creativity our almost three year old daughter. Immediately, like mushrooms after the rain, grew various types of towers. I didn't even try to pull the manual.

The police motorboat

The police motorboat

Few months ago I bought a second hand police boat hull. The hull derived from a set 4010 that was released in 1987. I was 10 years old that time! Yesterday Mikołaj found it and asked me to build a police motorboat. And so it happened.

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